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dovelight wellbeing offers you an opportunity to create positive change. dovelight is a Person-centred holistic space offering counselling and a variety of wonderful therapies to support and empower you in your life.

What can counselling offer you?

If you feel not at ease with yourself, maybe unhappy or anxious in some way, counselling can help. If you are troubled, perhaps experiencing disharmony in your thoughts, feelings or behaviour, a counsellor can really listen, and be with you in a caring and safe space. Often we have feelings of sadness, frustration, fear or anger, perhaps not knowing really why. We can suppress or hide our feelings, often at a cost to ourselves and those we love. Sometimes we don’t know what to do or how to help ourselves. A counsellor can walk part of your journey with you, a steady arm when you need it until you are ready to take the smooth road into your future.

Supportive therapies and dovelight’s holistic approach

Counselling is a talking therapy. There are other therapies which may help and support you through life’s challenges. Our view at dovelight is that mind, body and spirit should be in balance for good health. Some therapies offered at dovelight will be homeopathy, reiki and reflexology. A reiki therapist works to rebalance your body’s energy and encourages your body to heal naturally. It can be deeply relaxing. A reflexologist can help your body relax and heal by gentle treating your feet. A homeopath can prepare a remedy tailored to your needs to support you with any physical or emotional challenges. All therapies help you take care of yourself. Your whole health is our concern. You can make changes to your life, allowing you to embrace your wonderful life fully. And be fully Alive with the joy that brings.

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Our spaces

“At dovelight you are offered tea or coffee in the kitchen you are standing in. You can choose to wait by yourself, overlooking the sensory garden, within sight of staff beside the office or with others, looking back towards the street in the waiting room, or in fact be present in the garden itself. The counselling rooms are of differing sizes and outlooks and are decorated and furnished in carefully chosen colours to calm or excite or promote creativity or contemplation. Counselling can also happen outside the confines of the building in the womb-like garden pavilion or indeed whilst within the carefully designated landscaped garden which allows a person to pause and reflect in Nature.” – David Blaikie Architect “For me, through client choice and the optimum ambience and environment, expressed in colour, light and shape (Natures resources), a person feels more relaxed and connected. The textures, shapes, wood, glass, colours, pictures, furniture and garden reflect the vivacity of nature itself, our oldest and closest connection with ourselves, to each other and the world in which we live. Each room is a different colour and is unique: the Jade room, the Zesty room, the Hope room, the Aqua room, the Mellow room, the Sunshine studio, the Garden room and the Infinity Pod. There are rainbow railings to the basement!” – Morag

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A visit to dovelight

A visit to dovelight will be an experience – different each time but on leaving a sense of change, however small or great and the feeling of being cared for and valued. dovelight will offer Zen in places, but also will reflect life’s challenge providing the opportunity to explore and welcome in life’s vibrancy and colour. Expression and creativity will be possible avenues for healing along the roads we all walk and the seas we all navigate. “I believe there is beauty and goodness in every single person and that every human being deserves respect as a human being and as a basic human right. This philosophy is one that underpins Person-centredness and this is what I, my friends and colleagues intend to promote and infuse in dovelight. The vital energy of dovelight flows from empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence or honesty. This is what we will offer as far as possible in each of us- and kindness. Kindness has no bounds.” – Morag’s Vision from dovelight desktop website At the core of the Person-centred approach is relationship. Connection and contact with others is an important part of a healthy life. Meeting others in an environment free from fear and judgement, with genuine acceptance, encourages valuing of oneself and also others. At dovelight we encourage a warm sense of community and value everyone who visits us. dovelight offers safety, a place where people can be heard and rest from life’s journey.


dovelight wellbeing, Edinburgh

dovelight wellbeing is situated in lovely Edinburgh, capital city of Scotland. In the words of the author Alexander McCall Smith ‘This is a city of shifting light, of changing skies, of sudden vistas. A city so beautiful it breaks the heart again and again’ Our celebration of Edinburgh in photos and quotations is available on dovelight’s desktop website.

First visit to dovelight

On your first visit to dovelight you will be met and greeted by one of our client managers for a chat to help and support you in your choice of therapy or therapies at dovelight. This will be free of charge and is very helpful, as dovelight is a holistic centre, valuing the whole you.

download 0131 344 4191 dovelight wellbeing, 201 Colinton Road, Edinburgh EH14 1BJ

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Every tree, every growing thing as it grows, says this truth. You harvest what you sow. With life as short as a half-taken breath, don’t plant anything but love. Rumi